What is Business Owners Insurance?

Lessors Risk Insurance

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What is Lessors risk insurance?

Mercury business owners proudly offers insurance protection specifically designed to address complex exposures faced by commercial property owners of shopping/strip centers, warehouses, offices, etc. Providing essential coverages for property, business income, and ordinance or law are just a few reasons why Mercury is one of the leading commercial carriers in California.


Blanket Coverage or 125% Extended Replacement Cost – Combines all building estimated replacement costs into one limit or increases a single building to 125% of the estimated replacement cost.

Building –
Coverage for damage to buildings and structures at the described premises. This includes personal property owned by the Insured used to maintain the building(s).

Business Income –
Covers loss of business income up to 12 months, (optional 18 or 24 months) Actual Loss Sustained, in the event of a loss; option for time period extension available.

Ordinance or Law Coverage 1 – Coverage is included for loss to the undamaged portion of the building up to the building limit.

Ordinance or Law Coverage 2 & 3 –
Coverage for the demolition cost and increased cost of construction is included at $100,000 combined limit with option to increase.

Water Back-Up and Sump Overflow –
Covers damage caused by water that backs up into the property through pipes, drains, sewer, water-service and sump pump.